This is a 12th century Occitan language song by Beatritz de Dia (1135-1185). It's the only surviving song by a female troubadour where both the lyrics and music have been preserved.

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*Seguin and Valensa are legendary lovers in a lost romance. The only other mention of this mythical couple is found in a song from the 12th century by Arnaut de Marueil called "Tant m'abellis e. m plaz" (line #166 "Ni Valensa Seguis").
(Note: The different spellings of the name Seguin/Seguis is due to the Old Occitan declension.)


This song by Beatritz de Dia (1135-1185) is the only song that has been preserved with both lyrics and music. You can see the original music in this manuscript (Manuscrit du Roi) at the French National Library. The manuscript was created in the middle of the 13th century.

You'll find a valuable translation in Songs of the Women Troubadours by Bruckner, Shepard, White, New York; London: Garland, 1995.

The version of the song as sung by Martina de Peira is most faithful to the pronunciation of the time. She sings the verses 1, 3 and 5.


You can hear the 1st verse of this song in the recording.


Song sung by Makemi and is cc.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - A chantar m'er

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translation by Monique Palomares and Lisa Yannucci.

Score: Modern notation, cc.

Image: "Recueil des poésies des troubadours, contenant leurs vies" (Manuscript Date: 1201 - 1300). You can read the full song in the manuscript on this page on the bottom right section and the upper left section of the following page here.