Here's a song that's sung at the end of the Carnival celebration in France...


In France, Carnival is a big celebration held before the beginning of the Christian fasting season of Lent. French adults and kids who celebrate Carnival will dress up in costumes and have parties. At the end, they will burn an effigy of Monsieur Carnaval.

Monsieur Carnaval seems to be a French invention. He's responsible for all the wrongdoing people do throughout the year. At Carnival time in France, Monsieur Carnaval is judged for his behavior throughout the preceding year. Usually he's found guilty and an effigy of him is burned at the Carnival.

While Monsieur Carnaval is burning, people dance in a circle around the fire singing (in French)...

Adieu pauvre Carnaval. Tu t'en vas et moi je reste pour manger la soupe à l'ail.

Here's an English translation…

Goodbye poor Carnaval. You are leaving, and me, I am staying to eat garlic soup.

The soup is made with garlic, a vegetable, since, once Carnival is over, it's time for Lent. Traditionally during the fast, meat was not allowed to be eaten.

In Occitan they sing Adiu paure Carnaval (Farewell Poor Carnival). As the effigy burns, Adiu paure Carnaval is sung, speaking of Monsieur Carnival leaving the singer to eat garlic and oil soup.

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Note: There are slightly different versions and additional verses that exist.



Thanks to Monique Palomares for singing this song!

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Sheet Music - Adiu paure Carnaval

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