The bushbuck is an antelope found in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The is a call and response song in which you imitate the actions of the bushbuck.

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I believe this is a variation of the game described in "Oral Literature in Africa" by Ruth Finnegan (1970) as follows:

"In 'Bush-buck in a trap' the success of the game depends on the exactness of the leader's imitation of the animal: The boys stand in a ring, holding hands. One boy is in the middle, and he is 'Gbodi', the bush-buck. He sings suiting his actions to the words, and the others reply, copying him... At the words 'Gbodi break away now' [perhaps the equivalent of last two lines here], he makes a wild dash for safety, and tries to break through the circle. If he fails, he has to act 'Gbodi' again.