"'U Nonomw Seiko Nee' was originally composed for 'pworukun fan maram' (under the moon dance) ceremonies. This ceremony usually happened on full moon nights. Groups of men and women from all the villages gathered to hold a singing competition. Songs were always accompanied with a dance." -from the site, "Chuuk Songs"

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*"The song goes along with a dance. 'Nepun' means 'the ground', so in the
dance you hit the ground with the palm of your hands and on 'weitang'
you snap your tights." -LJ Rayphand
**A place on Udot Island for the Pwereka clan.
*** Swamps around the ivory trees where people clean clothes and themselves.

The line that talks about 'an nemin sopw Neirupung' (a girl washing clothes at a place called Neirupung) shows the shift from wearing grass skirts to clothes that needed to be washed and reused. Clothing was first introduced to the Chuuk islands during the Spanish Era. During this time, it was one of the most valuable items for trading goods.


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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This song is from the men of Pwereka (clan).

Many thanks to LJ Rayphand for sharing this song, its translation and commentary with us from his site Chuuk Songs.

Image: Full Moon View from India

Kinisou! (Ki ni sou)