A Roro Chant

A roro is a type of chant in the Marshall Islands. They are usually 4 - 6 lines and are chanted in a deep tone. The rhythm starts slow and speeds up. Sometimes they're chanted in a call and response style.

This is a roro of respect for the frigatebird...

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*Jakeo is a name.
**Jinme is an island on the eastern side of Anewetak Atoll.


The frigatebird has traditionally been an important animal in the Marshall Islands. Here's a proverb about the frigatebird: "Jede ak ej juon iaan jabōn kōnnaan ko an ri-Ṃajeḷ" ("Look up to the frigatebird"). It means follow and respect the traditional chief. -Marshallese - English Dictionary

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This roro can be found in the book, "Stories from the Marshall Islands" (2002) by Jack A. Tobin.

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