Another Version:

Engine, engine, number nine,
Running on the Chicago Line.
See it sparkle, see it shine,
Engine, engine, number nine.

Joann Massad wrote:

"My nextdoor neighbor friends and I used to each put a foot out and say the following to determine who'd be 'it' when playing a game outdoors:

Engine engine number nine
Going down Chicago line
If the train goes off the tracks
Do you want your money back?
(Whosever foot was touched at that point answered YES or NO.)
Y-E-S spells Yes, and you are not 'it.'
N-O spells No, and you are not 'it.'

This rhyme was repeated until one person's foot was left, and they were 'it.'

JoAnn 😀"

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Joann Massad for sharing how she used this as a counting-out rhyme.

Thanks so much!