"This is a jump rope game. I only ever played it on the playground in Missouri. When I moved to Georgia, the girls didn't know it. We called it 'Mexico Texaco'." -Emily Grace

Game Instructions

"You begin singing while gently swinging the rope underhand against the jumper's shoes. On the word 'over', you turn the rope overhand and the jumper begins jumping. You continue turning the rope overhand until the end of the rhyme. A lot of the verbs are commands for the jumper. You kick on the kicks, do a split on the splits, etc. When you 'get out of town' you jump out of the rope, and then you jump back in. When you 'find a friend' another jumper jumps in to join the first jumper. When you start counting at the end, you start turning the rope faster and faster until the jumper misses." -Emily Grace

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Emily Grace Shank for sharing this clapping rhyme with us!