"Mesú" (translated as "Aiget") is a nonsense word.


* "I was thinking of Aidan, for the word-play to work. So it sounds like a real name, but it's not, just like in the Spanish song." -Edith

Game Instructions

Two children face each other, and the following play is done to the song's rhythm:

-The right hand is raised, palm facing down, and the left hand lowered, palm facing up, and they clap in the middle, raising left and lowering right.
-Then hands are clapped again like giving a high five with both hands.
-Lastly, at the verse's end they clap once or thrice (except for the last 3 lines of the second verse).



Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for singing this song for us.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for contributing and translating this song and for contributing the instructions.

¡Muchas gracias!