*Edith wrote, "A friend of mine used to add 'Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola', before 'Viceroy, Marlboro'.

Game Instructions

Edith wrote, "Ah, for the hand-games I'd have to send a video, and I don't have a camera. I'll try to describe it...

Two or more children are in a circle, and the following play is done to the song's rhythm:

-The right hand is raised, palm facing down, and the left hand lowered, palm facing up, and they clap in the middle, raising left and lowering right.
-Then hands are clapped again like giving a high five with both hands.
-Lastly, at the verse's end they clap once or thrice.

There's always one to three losers, and verses are skipped if there are fewer than four children. At the end, they stay still, like statues, and those who move first, lose."



Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for singing this song for us.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for contributing and translating this song and for contributing the instructions.

¡Muchas gracias!