Patsy wrote, "My Granmother was Scottish and my mother was born in Northern Ireland. I have a few rhymes/songs to contribute." Here's one from Northern Ireland...

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Susan Reilly wrote:

"I know this as..."

Where do you come from?
How's your potatoes?
Very small.
How do yous eat them?
Skin and all.
Do yous not choke?
Not at all.

Kathryn Chesney wrote:

"I live in North Ireland. My granny used to say that to us!!! I've never heard anyone else say it until I googled it and found this site. I know it as..."

Where do ye come from?
How's yer taties?
Big n small..
How d'ye eat them?
Skin an all.
Do they nat choke ye?
Nat at all!!!

Chris Semple wrote:

"My father, who was from Belfast, used to recite a version of this..."

Where do you come from? Donegal
How's your potatoes?
Some large, some small.
How do you eat them?
Skin and all.
Do they not choke you?
Not at all !

Norah Carrington wrote:

"Just come across your printed version plus other contributions. I recall from Northern Ireland childhood:"

Where do you come from?
How're the potatoes?
Very small
How d'you eat them?
Skin and all
Sure they don't choke you?
Nat at all!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Patsy Watkins for contributing this rhyme and to Susan Reilly, Kathryn Chesney, Chris Semple and Norah Carrington for sharing their versions!