Katie Sullivan sent us the following email:

Hi Lisa,

I was searching around trying to find a rhyme that my mom taught me when I was young, and found a bit of it on the "Eenie Meenie Sicileeny" page, however the version my mom taught me was different, and much longer. I saw that some other people had left their versions on the page, so I thought it would be interesting to share the one I learned.

My mom was born in '63 and grew up in Southwest Ohio - this is the version she learned.

Eenie meenie ditch-a-dini
Ooh watch-you-wanna-meenie
Atchi catchi liberatchi
I love you, I mean I hate you
Saw you with your boyfriend last night
How do you know?
Peeked through the keyhole
Give me a piece of candy
Went upstairs to make my bed
Made a mistake and I bumped my head
Went downstairs to wash the dishes
Made a mistake and I washed my britches
Alias slip
There you are
Couldn't get to heaven on a candy bar
Candy bar slip
Alias slip
Couldn't get to heaven
Went to Alabama
Hello operator
Give me back my dime
Who do we appreciate?
Alexander Gushiate
Had a little monkey
Sent him to the country
Fed him on gingerbread
Along came a choo choo
And hit him on the boo-boo
And now my monkey is dead

Just thought this would be cool to share! It's surprising that there are so many different versions of this.



Thanks to Melisa and Marisa for reciting this rhyme for us!

This is usually recited faster. But in the video you can learn how to play this hand-clapping rhyme game.
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Katie Sullivan for sharing her version of "Eenie Meenie Sicileeny"!