Here I bake and here I brew,
And here I lay my wedding-shoe,
And here I must and shall break through.

Game Instructions

A group of kids form a circle and hold hands firmly. A child in the center touches one pair of clasped hands and says, 'Here I brew,' then touches another pair of hands and says, 'Here I bake.' Then quickly runs to another pair which she thinks may be weak, and yells, 'Here I mean to break through,' trying to force her way out. If she succeeds in breaking through, the child at the right goes into the ring to repeat the game; if not, she has to start again."


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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This nursery rhyme game can be found in the book "Games and Songs of American Children" (1884) by William Wells Newell. It can also be found in "Gymnastic Stories and Plays for Primary schools" (1898) by Rebecca Stoneroad.