Game Instructions

James wrote: "I remember playing this game as a child. The details were: other children would form a circle. One would enter the circle balancing on one leg and hence hoping around with his arms folded over his chest. The rest would be singing 'mukuru ndiyani jongwe mukuru ndiyani jongwe' repeated over and over again. It would be a challenge to another jongwe to enter the ring. One would then challenge by entering the ring in similar manner, arms folded and hopping on one leg. The idea of the contest is to knock one another off balance and the last man hopping wins and challenges more to the same song.
Why jongwe, one may ask. Yes a jongwe is a rooster and the game imitates the rooster's habit of standing on one leg whenever its relaxing."


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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Katie and James for helping with this song!