This song is in Lengadocian dialect.


*"Morre-relevadas" is feminine plural. "Morre-relevat" is the masculine singular.
"Morre" means "muzzle" but it's used for people too in Occitan in some contexts; "relevat" means lifted, raised, so a "morre-relevat" is someone who raises his head and puts it a little forwards in a challenging attitude. Then it means bold, cheeky, insolent…

We also have the expression "morre ponchut" that means literally "pointed muzzle". It refers to some narrow-minded people who usually purse their lips to show disapprobation.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Lo nòstre ase

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing, translating and singing this song and contributing the midi and sheet music. 2nd translator: Lisa Yannucci.

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