*One of the other kids say a number and then you count up to that number. The example we gave is "five".

Game Instructions

Each kid puts out 2 fists. The one who's counting goes around tapping each fist with their own fist while reciting the rhyme (the one counting will tap their own fist and their chin - which acts as their second fist since their using their other fist to tap all of the fists). After the line, "How many pieces do you wish?" - One of the other kids will say a number. Then the one tapping fists will going around counting up to that number. The fist that's landed on last is "out". You keep doing this rhyme until only one fist is left. That kid is "It".



Thanks to Corrina for chanting this rhyme for us!

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Thanks to Lila for the YouTube rendition!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Ronsonet Steward for contributing this rhyme!

Thank you very much!