Heather contributed this song, with the following advice about singing it: "Sing first 'mmm' with mouth and eyes closed, on second 'mmm' stick out your tongue and open your eyes. It gives a good frog effect!"

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Shoshana wrote:

"I know an alternate verse to 'mmm mmm went the little green frog' that I was taught by a group of third graders in Minnesota about ten years ago when I was a camp counselor. It's pretty gory, though!

After the first verse,

Honk Honk (clap) went the big bad truck one day
Splish splash (push your hands past each other to make a soft noise) went the little green frog
And his eyes didn't go mm-ah (stick out your tongue and open your eyes) anymore
Because he got (make slurping noise) slurped-slurped by a dog arf-arf."

-Shoshana Gordon Ginsburg (Children's Librarian)



Many thanks to Heather Dixon for singing this song for Mama Lisa's World!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Heather Dixon for contributing this song. Thanks to Shoshana Gordon Ginsburg for sending the alternate verse.

The image is from "Grosses bêtes & petites bêtes", images and text by André-Hellé (Paris, 1912), with some graphical editing by Mama Lisa Yannucci.