Carl sent this thoughtful comment on this parody of "Home on the Range":

"I like your parody of 'Home on the Range' mainly because I worked in a mental hospital for many years.

I do take a bit of an issue with the words 'Seldom is heard an intelligent word' Many mentally ill people are very intelligent. They just don't sound that way. Some of the funniest most witty things I have ever heard were said by mentally ill people.

I had my own parody of 'Home on the Range' I'd sing it to myself on really bad days. Most of it is too politically incorrect to say publicly. The part that is not went like this;

'Where seldom is heard, an encouraging word, and the skies are all cloudy all day!'"

We appreciate your writing this to us Carl. -Mama Lisa



Many thanks to Heather Dixon for singing this song for Mama Lisa's World!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Heather Dixon for contributing this song.