Hop tu Naa is a Celtic celebration that takes place on October 31st. It was the last night of the Celtic year. "Hop-tu-Naa" comes from "Shoh ta'n Oie" (meaning "This is the Night").

On Isle of Man, children have been going door-to-door around the neighborhood on this night for the past century. They dress in costumes and carry lanterns made out of turnips, singing this song below...


Liz from Isle of Man said, "Perhaps our most famous children's song is 'Hop tu Naa'."

Jemima Coulter sent this version:

Hop tu naa, hop tu naa
Jinny the witch is in the house
Give us a penny we'll chase her out
Hop tu naa, hop tu naa.


This song is sometimes sung with Hop-tu-naa in Manx.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Liz "Boakesey" Boakes for bringing this song to our attention! Thanks to Jemima Coulter for the 2nd version!

Thanks so much!