My older sisters used to "sing-song" this rhyme to me while making the motions that go with the words. This is the rhyme as best as I can piece it together. My sister Gwen made up "and a tap on your knees" when she couldn't remember the original line. If anyone is familiar with any other versions of this song, please send them to me. Thanks! - Mamá Lisa.

Bronwyn wrote me in August 2005, "You have "X Marks The Spot"; I saw it and remembered my mother (or was it my friend Rene?) teaching this song to me when I was in first or second grade. The way I learned it went like this:

X marks the spot (Trace an X on the child's back)
With a circle and a dot. (Trace a circle, then tap the child's back right in the center.)
Trickle up, (Run your fingers up the child's back)
Trickle down, (Then down the child's back)
Trickle all around town. (Then in a sort of circle)
With a pinch (Lightly pinch the back of their neck)
And a squeeze (Gently squeeze either their shoulder or neck)
And a [whoo] ocean breeze. (Blow on the back of the child's neck as you say "Whoo")
Now doesn't that...
CHILL YOUR BONES! (Tickle the child incessantly)

Usually at this point the child dissolves into helpless giggles."

Thanks Bronwyn! - Lisa


Fred wrote:

I remember a slightly different version. The actions and motions are similar...

X marks the spot
With a dot dot dot

And a big curley question mark ?

Warm squeeze
Cool breeze

Egg on the head
and then you'll Freeze



Karlene Greyhurst sent this note:

I remember X marks the spot like this:

X marks the spot (trace an x on child's back)
with a dash (trace a dash)
and a dot (trace a dot)
and a big question mark (trace a ?)

going up (trace a line up child's back)
going down (trace down)
going all the way around (trace large circle)

crack an egg (pretend to crack an egg on child's head)
cool summer breeze (bring fingers down lightly over head and neck while blowing on child)
got ya! (tickle child)



April wrote:

Just wanted to let you know the version my mom always did to us, and that I now use with my little ones...

X marks the spot
and a dot, dot, dot
dash, dash, dash
and a question mark.

Splat goes the egg (clapping hands above head, then lightly run fingers down head/body)
along comes a breeze (lightly run fingers back and forth over back)
then a SQUEEZE! (grab them in a hug and TICKLE!)

Anyways... I love your site!


Thanks everyone! -Mama Lisa