New verses are made up to this ball bouncing rhyme as you go along. Arlene explained the game when she sent it to me:

"On the first word of each sentence the leg went over the ball. This was done very quickly so all the words of that line were actually said as the leg went over. Since there couldn't be two bounces she had to think quickly as the leg went over the ball on that single bounce. (No boy ever bounced a ball in my several years of playing on the street or sidewalks in New York City.) The process continued through the alphabet until the player couldn't come up with a word, or missed getting the leg over the ball at the first word. Then the next girl got a chance. There was no pausing between steady bounces of the ball. She had to begin from A each time and the gal who got through the alphabet first was the winner. Of course we tried to vary the subject of each category each time we were up."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Arlene Charest for contributing this ball bouncing rhyme and for the interesting commentary.