Arlene said, "We bounced the ball, putting one leg over it on the first word of each line, and only 4 bounces of the ball were permitted.


Here's another version sent by Barbara Huet:

One, two, three a nation,
Come on Doctor, here's a patient
Waiting for an operation
One, two, three a nation.


Arlene sent me this rhyme with the note, " I know so many rhymes and sayings from 1940 and during the war when we could roller skate down the center of a no longer busy street (no gas, no rubber, no young men) holding hands and singing 'Coming in on a wing on a prayer...' We did a lot of ball bouncing."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Arlene Charest for contributing this ball bouncing rhyme. Thanks to Barbara Huet for sending another version!