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*Pronounced: "choonchooroon berdeh"


When asked the meaning of "txuntxurun berde", Mark answered, "The page you're referring to is a lecture by Manuel Lecuana, highest authority in Basque oral literature. If he doesn't translate it we can do very little. Nobody knew more than he did about Basque oral literature. This word is probably referring to the child, "something" green that he likes, as well as the blackberry. As we don't know what a 'txuntxurun' is, it's absurd to translate 'berde'. I insist on the fact that I would pay attention to Mr. Lecuona."

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Loa loa txuntxurun berde

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mark Barnés from Eresbil - Basque Archives of Music for contributing this song and for the Spanish translation.

Image: Maria and Baby (1917), Robert Henri.