Game Instructions

Instructions for each verse:

(Verse 1)
Roll hands over each other.

(Verse 2)
Move lower arms up to the left and right and back again like windshield wipers.

(Verse 3)
Put lower arms out and in in front of you like bus doors opening and closing.

(Verse 4)
Keep pointing thumb back over your shoulder.

(Verse 5)
Turn fists in front of eyes pretending to cry.

(Verse 6)
Put pointer finger in front of your lips like when you say "shhh".

(Verse 7)
Put hand in front of you like you're honking a horn.



Many thanks to Lila and Marisa for singing The Wheels on the Bus!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - The Wheels on the Bus

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique Palomares for the midi tune and score.