Mr. Rabbit is Br'er Rabbit, the hero of many African American folktales. This song was most likely sung as a "call and response" type of song.

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*Alternative lyrics for this line are: "Yes, my Lord".


Sea Mac wrote, "Over 50 years ago: I remember hearing Burl Ives, on a 33 RPM Record, singing this song. I had forgotten about it: until I found it again on your site.

Burl has yet another Lyric instead of the line 'Yes, don't you know'* or *'Yes, My Lord'... it is sung 'Yes, Bless God' ... and his verses are in a different order ... and he has a few extra verses that you don't have yet." Here's a YouTube link for Burl Ives version.


You can hear the tune to this song in the recording below.


Many thanks to Holly Deuel Gilster for contributing the tune to this song!

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Thanks to Carl McCall for sharing info about Burl Ives' version!