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About the Dominican Creole Language

"Regarding Antillean Creole (or Lesser Antillean Creole), there is nothing inaccurate in describing the [Dominican Creole] language in those terms, since that is the English name for the language. However, there are many variations of this language from island to island and each island will put their own country's name before or after the word Creole/Kwéyòl. The word Kwéyòl is the Kwéyòl name for the Lesser Antillean variety of Creole. St. Lucians and Dominicans usually refer to their language as Kwéyòl, i.e. Kwéyòl Sent Lisi (St. Lucia's Kwéyòl); Kwéyòl Donmnik (Dominica's Kwéyòl).

In Trinidad, where Lesser Antillean Kwéyòl was widely spoken in the distant past, it was (and still is) more commonly known as Trinidadian French Creole or simply Patois."

-Sylvia from Kwéyòl-nou (a site about the Dominican Creole language)