Jingle Bells is one of the most popular American Christmas songs. It was written in 1857 by James Pierpont. Interestingly, it was the 1st song transmitted from outer space by the Gemini-6 astronauts on December 16, 1965.

Here are some versions from around the world…

Jingle Bells

In the past 50 years or so, newer versions of Jingle Bells were written in various countries. Here are some:

-"Bjällerklang" (Bell Clang) was written in Swedish by Eric Sandström and Gösta Westerberg.
-The French version, "Vive le vent" (Long Live the Wind) was written by Francis Blanche and sung by Dalida in 1960.
-In German, Roy Black wrote "Ein kleiner weißer Schneemann" (A Little White Snowman) in 1968.
-In German Swiss, Andrew Bond wrote "Zimetschtern han i gärn" (I Like Cinnamon Star Cookies) in 1998.

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