Here's a Swahili version of Frère Jacques...


I asked Anthonia about the popularity of this version of Frère Jacques in Tanzania. It seems there are different versions known there. Here's what Anthonia wrote:

"I'm more familiar with the English version, which is;

Are you sleeping
Are you sleeping
Brother John
Brother John
Morning bells are ringing
Morning bells are ringing
Ding dong bell
Ding dong bell.

(Others sing 'Ok come, ok come", instead of 'Ding dong bell, Ding dong bell.')

I have asked my colleagues here, one said she sung it in Swahili using the name Yakobo (Jacob). Yet the other said they used the name Mussa (Moses)."



Many thanks to Susan Pomerantz for playing the tune on the piano.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Anthonia Maji for translating this song!

Aksante Sana!

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