Mary Jamieson wrote: "It was fun to find the song 'When Sammy Put the Paper on the Wall' on your site - but i remember the lines a little differently - Instead of the line 'he put all the paper on the wall' it should read: 'He put the parlor paper in the hall."

Thank you for bringing back so many fun memories with your website! -Mary Jamieson"


Chloe sent us another version of this song:

When Sammy put the paper on the wall,
He put the parlor paper down the hall.
He papered up the stairs,
He papered all the chairs,
He even put a border on Grandma's shawl!
When Sammy put the paper on the wall,
He poured a pot of paste upon us all
Now we're all stuck together like birds of a feather
Since Sammy put the paper on the wall.


Pearl said she sang this song in elementary school in the 70's.

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Many thanks to Pearl for contributing this song! Thanks to Mary Jamieson for commenting on the song.Thanks to Chloe Gioia for sending us another version of this song!

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