This is a call and response game. Here's how you start: The first player holds out the fist with the thumb up and the 2nd player says…


At the end, the players have to keep a straight face for as long a time as possible. The game ends when some one finally breaks into a laugh and receives a hard smack from the first player, or ten pinches, or both, according to the formula used in the game.

Alternate Ending:

After: Question: "Where's the rope?"...
Answer: Knife cut it.
Question: Where's the knife?
Answer: Hammer broke it.
Question: Where's the hammer?
Answer: Behind the door cracking nuts.

Same as above at the end. Each player tries to keep a serious face. Whoever smiles first gets kissed or slapped!


There are variations of this game, please email me to share your version.

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