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I Went to a Chinese Restaurant
(American Hand-clapping Rhyme)


This rhyme was sung a lot in the '70's and it's still sung today.

I Went to a Chinese Restaurant
Hand-clapping Rhyme

I went to a Chinese restaurant to
Buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread,
The waiter asked me what my name is
And this is what I said, said, said,
My Name is L-I-L-I chicken-li chicken-li,
Extra cutie, pompom beauty,
I know karate, punch in the body,
Oops I'm sorry, don't tell Mommy,
Chinese, Japanese, Indian chief!

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We apologize if this rhyme offends anyone. We realize it contains some racial stereotypes. However, rhymes like this one are a part of children's culture. When deciding whether or not to include this type of rhyme, we judge each individually. In this case, we feel it doesn't cross the line.


Elizabeth Cunnyngham wrote:

"I was just thinking about the Chinese bakery rhyme and couldn't find my version on Google...

Chinese Bakery Shop Rhyme

I went to a Chinese bakery shop
To buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread.
He wrapped it up in a Bon-Bon sack
And this is what he said, said, said:
My name is Kay-Eye, Pickle Eye,
Pickle Eye, Kay-Eye
Willy willy whiskey
Chinese pork chops -
Pig out!

I am from a really small farming community in Ohio and I'm pretty sure that's how our version went. Doesn't make much sense with going into a bakery shop and ending with pork chops but there you have it. We did a certain clap with it that I don't really remember."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to MR and LP for contributing this rhyme! Thanks to Elizabeth Cunnyngham for sending the 2nd version!

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