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Bura Bura (Nonsense Rhyme)  Midi
Dibidibidip (Game)  
Dung-gae (Nonsense Rhyme)  Midi
Jaem Jaem Jaem (Nonsense Rhyme)  Midi  
Scissors, Paper, Rock (Choosing Game)  

Korean Transliteration


Little Spring   MP3  
Half-Moon   MP3
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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of South Korea:
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    Here’s a quick podcast about why chopsticks became more popular for eating than silverware in some countries... Read more »
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    Variations of the choosing game Rock, Paper Scissors can be found all over the world.  The Korean version is "kai, bai, bo" (sometimes pronounced "gawi, bawi, bo").  In Korean, the order is different.  It’s always: "Scissors (?? – kai)", "Rock (?"? – bai)" and "Paper (? – bo)".  You can see a youtube of the game... Read more »
  • Curtis wrote asking about a Korean kids song… Have you ever heard of a Korean song that school girls sing as they clap hands that goes like this: Pong dong pong dong dolel (stone) donjiora (throw)… Thanks, Curtis If anyone can help with this song, please email me or comment below. Thanks! Mama Lisa Read more »
  • In many parts of the world, the foods eaten on New Years Eve and New Years Day have important symbolic meanings. These symbols seem to fall into several major categories. The first class symbolizes financial prosperity. This type of food is round like coins. Often, the dish will be round beans, like lentils,... Read more »
  • Patricia wrote: Wondering if you have heard the words to a 50’s skipping game we played using elastics? I believe it was originally a Korean children’s game and the children of missionaries brought it back to Canada in 1939. Original words: Rioyun, Kaiyo, Yaku navide etc. This song was taught to commemorate the victory of Russian-Japanese war of 1905... Read more »
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    In addition to this blog, I also host Mama Lisa’s World. Mama Lisa’s World is a large collection of children’s songs and rhymes from countries all around the globe. Matt, a music teacher from Rhode Island, wrote a question to me, the other day, about Mama Lisa’s World: Hey Mama, I love the concept of your site.... Read more »
  • In an earlier entry, I wrote about the history of Labor Day. In case you were wondering, here are some of the countries where demonstrations were held or where Labor Day was in some way honored around the world today (in some cases against the wishes of the government)... Russia Belarus Japan Germany Italy Philippines Cambodia Indonesia Malaysia South Korea Malta Mexico France Nepal Portugal Sri Lanka Nigeria Turkey Iran Great Britain Feel free to comment below... Read more »
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    In previous entries I talked about the importance of Cherry Blossoms in Japan. In 1912 the mayor of Tokyo gave a gift of 3000 cherry trees to the city of Washington D.C., thus spreading the love of cherry blossom viewing to North America. Nowadays, Washington D.C. hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I’ve been... Read more »
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    The Chinese New Year is on January 29th, 2006. It’s the Year of the Dog. The Chinese New Year is called Sun Lean in Cantonese. To wish each other a Happy New Year, the Chinese characters are ????-???. The New Year’s greeting in Cantonese is Kung Hey Fat Choy, which means Congratulations... Read more »

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