Here's the Haitian version of Frère Jacques...


Tonton Bouki is a Character from Haitian Folktales

"Many Haitian folktales center on two characters, Uncle Bouki (Tonton Bouki) and Ti Malice. Uncle Bouki is a laughable bumpkin – foolish, boastful and greedy. Ti Malice is his opposite, a smart character full of tricks. These same qualities are found combined in Anansi the spider, the hero of many Caribbean folktales. In Haiti, they are divided between the two characters of Uncle Bouki and Ti Malice." –Haitian Literature, Teaching for Change



Thanks to Olivier Pagani from the Classe d'Initiation at Mons-en-Baroeul/Lille Fives (France) for generously allowing me to post a recording from his site.