This is an Eritrean folk song. People use this song to express political sentiments or personal feelings.


Hashewie is Pronounced: Huh-Show-E-Ay.

Here are lyrics as found in the Youtube Comments here with a rough translation:

1) ሓሾውየ ሾውየ ሾውየ / Hashow’ye show’ye Show’ye
(Go round and round)
2) ብሓደ ሓቢርና ሾውየ / bHade Habirna Show’ye
(All together now)
3) ሓሾውየ እናበልና ሾውየ / Hashow'ye Andabelna Show’ye
(Singing round and round)
4) ዓለም ክትፈልጦ ሾውየ / Alem ktfelTo Show’ye
(So the world will know)
5) ኩሉ መንነትና ሾውየ / Kulu men’netna Show’ye
(Know who we are)
6) ሓሾውየ እናበልና ሾውየ / Hashow’ye Anbelna Show’ye
(Let's say it out loud)
7) ነፍልጥ ዓድና ሾውየ / nefa lit Adina Show’ye
(This is who we are)
8) ብሓደ ሓቢርና ሾውየ/ BHade Habirna Show’ye
(All together now)
9) ሓሸወየ ሾውየ ሾውየ / Hashow’ye Hashow’ye Show’ye
(Go round and round)
10) ሓሸወየ ሾውየ ሾውየ/ Show’ye Hashow’ye Show’ye
(Round and round)

We would love to learn more about this song. If anyone could confirm the full lyrics in Tigrinya, and/or the translation above, please email me. Also, we'd like to know if all those lyrics are traditional.


This song is used for Kwanzaa.

You can find a song based on the original folk song here with lyrics by Hidaat Ephrem and you can listen to that version here.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.