"A little ditty that's sung when it's raining and which recalls the bombings during the war." -Dominique

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The lyrics at the top of the page are in image form and the accents are correct. Yet in the Monégasque language, some words have a written accent that displays as a vertical short line above the vowel. This accent shows which word to stress (when it's a one-syllable word or when it doesn't follow the general rules of the language). Not all fonts allow these accented vowels to be displayed, so we've replaced the short line with an acute accent ( ´ ) in the computerized version of the song below.

Ciœve, ciüvina
I gati fan a mina
I omi sun â gherra
Ë done suta terra
Ün, dui, trei...
Tira u canún.


You can hear this song here.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Dominique Salvo at the Comitié National des Traditions Monégasques for contributing and translating this song into French.