"L'Empereur, sa femme et le petit prince" is a French folk song from the 19th century. It refers to Napoleon III, his wife Empress Eugénie and their son the Prince impérial.

The song is used to teach the days of the week to children in French. There's also a version of the song from Kenya in Kikamba. Here are some versions we've collected…

L'Empereur, sa femme et le petit prince
(The Emperor, His Wife and the Little Prince)

This song is also known with the lyrics "le roi, la reine et le petit prince" (the king, the queen, and the little prince) and "Puisque c'est comme ça" rather than "Puisque c'est ainsi" (both "because it's like this" or "since this is how it is").

Image: Napoleon III receiving the Siamese embassy at the palace of Fontainebleau in 1864 by Jean-Léon Gérôme.

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