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That's Life (Rhyme)
The Babes in the Wood Version 2 (Traditional Song) MP3  
The Bumblebee Was Under The Barn (Nursery Rhyme Game)  
The Coachman Sits Here (Finger Play)
The First of May (Proverb)
The Goose is Getting Fat (Christmas Song)
The King of the Barbarines (Nursery Rhyme Game)
There Was a Jolly Miller Once (Nursery Song)  Midi  
There Was a Lady Loved a Swine (Nursery Song)  Midi
The Scarecrow (Nursery Song)
This Little Piggy (Fingerplay) MP3  
Three Blind Mice (Nursery Song)  MP3 Midi
Three Children Sliding on the Ice (Nursery Song)  MP3 Midi
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