A children's song with hand gestures… Each number corresponds to a gesture - which you can find in the game instructions below the song.


*"I'm sorry. I'm shameless. I couldn't resist the pun, and the pop-cultural reference." -Edith

Game Instructions


(1) "Bicicleta": Mime pedaling a bike.
(2) "Costurera": Mime hand-sewing.
(3) "Dedal": Mime taking something off a finger.
(4) "General": Mock-salute.
(5)"Espada": Mime taking a sword out of its hilt.
(6) Shake hips and wave hands all over themselves, mock-sexy.
(7) Mime tilting a hat, then throw it off.
(8) "Enfermero": is always said in the song with the hands covering the mouth, like a hospital mask.
(9) "Camilla": push something by the handles, then push it off.
(10) Mime a rainbow.
(11) Mime taking off boots.
(12) Slick hair back, in mock-sexy guy pose.
(13) Mock fainting.
(14) Jump with joy.



Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for singing this song for us.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for contributing and translating this song and for contributing the instructions.

¡Muchas gracias!

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