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Chakavian Dialect




Brother Martin   MP3 Midi  
Eci peci pec (Counting-out Rhyme)
I'm an Orphan   Midi  
Rain Falls (Traditional Song) Midi  
We Are Happy Children (Circle Game Song)  Midi
Okosh-Bokosh (Counting-out Rhyme)  
Snail, Man (Rhyme)
Ringa Raya   Midi
Go to Sleep My Baby (Lullaby) MP3  
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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Croatia:
  • Sanda wrote to us about Croatian lullabies... "If you are looking for real Croatian traditional lullabies, there is a CD of woman group singing klapa.  Klapa is traditional form of a capella singing from Dalmatia, on the Croatian coast. [Note from Mama Lisa: Klapa means, 'a group of friends'.  Harmony and melody is an important part... Read more »
  • Maury wrote looking for help with a nursery rhyme game from Croatia.  Here’s his letter: Dear Lisa, I am trying to locate the correct wording / spelling of the Croatian Nursery game, Mala Misica  ( Little Mouse ). Goes something like, Mala Misica kuhali kava,  ( Stirring motion in palm of child’s hand )   ( Meesheetsa )... Read more »
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    Krampus is a nasty demon with horns and a long red tongue.  His name comes from the word for "Claw".  He accompanies St. Nick on his rounds the night before St. Nick’s Day (December 6th).  St. Nick gives all the good little boys and girls gifts.  Krampus, on the other hand, gives the kids who... Read more »
  • Michael wrote: Hi Lisa, We just returned from a vacation in Croatia. We are German and have 3 little girls. They learned a song from a “mini disco”. I hope you can tell me the name of the song. From what we understood it sounds like this: Kille killi jakasaka okoama bum (repeats) Olee mal jole……. Do you know... Read more »
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    Guest Blogger, Ed Gawlinski, has been involved in many cultural organizations throughout his life. Here, he discusses Easter traditions in several Eastern European cultures. A common custom is to color hard boiled eggs for Easter. We usually colored them on Good Friday, while eating hot cross buns… Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns, one ha’ penny, two... Read more »
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    In addition to this blog, I also host Mama Lisa’s World. Mama Lisa’s World is a large collection of children’s songs and rhymes from countries all around the globe. Matt, a music teacher from Rhode Island, wrote a question to me, the other day, about Mama Lisa’s World: Hey Mama, I love the concept of your site.... Read more »

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