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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Haiti:
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    Here's the charming Haitian kids song Balanse Yaya (Swing Yaya).    Below you can read the original lyrics, listen along to the song and read an English translation. Note: Yaya is a child's name. Haitian Creole Lyrics: Jezi marie Joseph o Rat la mange pijon mwen Jezi marie Joseph o Rat la mange pijon mwen Rat […] Read more »
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    Fedia Bean was kind enough to share her recording of the well-loved Haitian lullaby, "Dodo ti pitit manman" (Sleep Little Baby).  It's interesting to note that lullabies around the world often have something a little scary to "threaten’" kids with if they don't go to sleep.  In this lullaby it's a crab that will eat […] Read more »
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    I just read an interesting article on about Mother's Day in Haiti on a site called Caribbean Living.  Mother's Day is celebrated in Haiti on the last Sunday of May.  Laurie Bean wrote in her article, "Haitians celebrate Mother's Day with songs, tears and prayers in church…"  People dress up in their Sunday best.  There's […] Read more »
  • Laurie has some interesting blogs about Haitian music and culture. Here are links to them…. Eritaj Kreol (Creole Heritage) – Haitian Songs and Lyrics in Creole and English, some include scores Caribbean Living – Discussions about the Creole Language, Recipes and Stories about Life in Haiti Haitian Gospel Hymns in French – some include English […] Read more »
  • William Whelan wrote to me looking for help with a Haitian song. The song is called “Angelique O” and seems to have been written during the US occupation of Haiti (1915 – 1934). Here you’ll find the original Haitian lyrics with an English translation. First I’ll start with William’s email: My father taught me a […] Read more »
  • Marianne wrote asking about the melodies for the Haitian songs on Mama Lisa’s World: Bonju! My name is Marianne Kuiper Milks and I am a musician/music teacher (forever and ever…). I visit Haiti frequently and want to start a small music program (let it grow by itself :-) around Saint Marc, Gwo Jan and on […] Read more »
  • “Se bon ki ra” is an old Haitian proverb meaning “good is rare”. It’s meant to be a reminder to treasure your unique experiences in life. Read more »
  • Most of us are thinking about the people in Haiti these days, especially Haiti’s children. I’m getting more questions for help with Haitian songs than usual. Here’s a song I was asked about today called “Mwen Se Ayiti Tou”. It means “I am Haiti too”. It’s sung by Haiti Children’s Choir. This song was written […] Read more »
  • “Dodo Titit” is a widely known lullaby in Haiti. It means “sleep little one”. It sounds like “titit” comes from the French petit. Dodo Titit (Haitian Creole) Dodo titit* Si ou pa dodo, krab la va manje ou Dodo titit, krab lan kalalou** Sleep Little One (English Translation) Sleep little one, If you don’t sleep, […] Read more »
  • Keyanne Jacob wrote: I am preparing to go to teach school in Haiti. I want to teach nursery rhymes. Are there many Haitian nursery rhymes? If so where can I find them? My impression is that there are traditional Haitian lullabies and folk songs, but that the nursery rhymes in Haiti are based on the […] Read more »

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