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A Child Tells a Bee (Nursery Rhyme)
Wattata yannam  Sri Lanka
Megase boho  Sri Lanka
In This Orange Tree (Nursery Rhyme)
 Sri Lanka
Mage podi thara  Sri Lanka
My Little Duck (Nursery Rhyme)  
Ambalame Pina Pina  Sri Lanka
Pina of the Ambalama (Kawi Poetry) MP3
Ha ha hari hawa  Sri Lanka
Chutam battichcha  Sri Lanka
Punchi Balurale  Sri Lanka
The Puppy Was Asked (Nursery Rhyme)
Kiri sudu hawa  Sri Lanka
White Rabbit Was Hopping (Nursery Rhyme)
Who is Arguing There? (Nursery Rhyme)
Mawani Bilinda  Sri Lanka
Will There Be People (Nursery Rhyme)
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    Most people associate summer with occasional lightening storms.  We found this wonderful Italian poem called Temporale Estivo - "Summer Lightening Storm" .  It was written by Federigo Tozzi (1883-1920).  Below you can listen to a recording of the poem while reading along with the Italian text, and an English translation. MP3 Recording of Temporale Estivo […] Read more »
  • Christina wrote asking for help with an Italian (Calabrese) rhyme.  Here’s her email… Hi Lisa, This rhyme has been recited to small children in our family at least since the early 20th century. My paternal grandfather’s parents came to the U.S. in 1913 from Falerna, Catanzaro. They left two children there and subsequently had four […] Read more »
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  • Kirundi is a Bantu language spoken in Burundi, Tanzania, Congo-Kinshasa and Uganda. We were recently asked about Kirundi nursery rhymes (in the following note)… Hello; my name is Anyesi and was wondering if you could please send me the Nursery rhymes in Kirundi.  Thank you:) If anyone knows any Kirundi nursery rhymes, please share them […] Read more »
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    Icelandic Pancakes are called Pönnukökur.  They’re served for breakfast and also for special occasions. They’re more like French crepes than thick American pancakes. These pancakes are mainly served two ways, either sprinkled with sugar and rolled up or covered in blueberry (or other flavored) jam and whipped cream and folded in fours. No matter how […] Read more »
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