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Akar bakar bombay bo (Counting-out Rhyme)  
Ginti Geet  India
Counting Song (Nursery Rhyme)
Fish is the Queen of Water (Nursery Rhyme)  
Johnny Johnny. Yes, Papa. (Nursery Rhyme)
Kokla Chapaki (Circle Game)  
Muffety Mai  India
Little Miss Muffet (Nursery Rhyme)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (Nursery Rhyme) Midi
Potato Says (Nursery Rhyme)  
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Lullaby)  
There Was a Thirsty Crow (Nursery Rhyme)
Tick Tick Tick (Nursery Rhyme)
  • Midi - this song has a Midi tune
  •   - this song has a Video recording
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    Fairies a magical creatures that all kids should hear about! Here’s a poem about them called, Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their Heads? It was written by English poet, Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839).  You can hear the poem sung below.  It sounds like a lullaby. MP3 Recording of Oh! Where Do Fairies Hide Their Heads? […] Read more »
  • Claire sent us some lyrics to an African song with a translation that seems much longer than the original lyrics. She’d like to know to which African country this rowing song belongs to. Would anyone be familiar with it? Original Lyrics: Banga titi para biani Banga titi para biani Refrain: Eléléyo, éléléyo, yo, éléléyo Yo, […] Read more »
  • Jessica wrote, "Here is the video of my husband’s great grandma (102) reciting a fingers and toes rhyme (Swedish origin perhaps?)." Can anyone help identify the language of the rhyme, write out the words and/or help with a translation?  If so, please comment below or email me. Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa Read more »
  • We just added a song that’s sung in Dominica! Here’s a Dominican Creole Proverb: Piti hach ka bat gwo bwa. It literally means: Little axe cuts big tree. English equivalent: Don’t judge a man by his size. Read more »
  • We’re looking for the lyrics and/or a translation of the following Angolan lullaby.  We’d also like help identifying its language.  If anyone can help please comment below or email me. Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa Read more »
  • In Turkey and Turkmenistan, children go door-to-door for Ramadan singing and asking for a gift (like candy or coins). "As the holy month of Ramadan gets under way, children in Turkmenistan are taking part in one of the local customs associated with the holiday: visiting their neighbors and asking for gifts as they sing a […] Read more »
  • We would like to add a song from Turkmenistan to Mama Lisa’s World.  The following song is about feminine beauty.  If anyone can help with the Turkmen lyrics and/or a translation, please comment below or email me. Thanks in advance! Mama Lisa Read more »
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    Carolina L. M. wrote to us from Colombia about Love and Friendship Day (El Día de Amor y Amistad)… Hello! My name is Carolina I am a teacher in Colombia, South America! In schools we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day in February, but we do celebrate Love and Friendship Day the third Saturday in September! […] Read more »
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    We’ve just added a song from Brunei on Mama Lisa’s World!  The song is called: Giling-Giling Kucapi (Strum-Strum a Lute) There’s another song from Brunei in Malay called Adai-Adai that we would love to post.  If anyone could help with a translation, please email me at . Thanks! Mama Lisa Read more »
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