This Kenyan song can be played as a circle dance game. You can find out how to play it below...


Meanings of the Kikuyu words in order as they appear:

Muti - A tree
Muhande - Planted
Rui-ini - On the river bank
One I – Look at
Mathangu Maguo – It's leaves
Magithaka - Playing
Na - With
Ruhuho – The Wind
Na Ithui – Even us
Nituthake – Let us play
Na Ruhuho – With the wind

Game Instructions

This song is sung while the children are holding hands in a circle. They sing swinging their hands until they get to the place that goes, "Even us let's play with the wind" (na ithui ni tuthake na ruhuho), when they sing running round and round in a circle, but still holding hands.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mumbi Mwangi for contributing and translating this song and for the game instructions.

Ni wega!