"Der Rebbe Elimelech" is a Yiddish version of "Old King Cole", but with a rabbi instead of a king.

Phylacteries are boxes containing scrolls of the law, placed on the forehead and forearm during morning prayer.

A kitl (kittel) is a white robe worn at weddings and on certain holidays.

Cymbalists are players of the cymbalon, a wire-stringed instrument


*A bit tipsy
**Some versions are longer and he also sends for his fiddlers (same word in Yiddish)

Song written and composed by Moshe Nadir (1885-1943)

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Stanley F. Levine, Emeritus Professor of French and Latin, University of South Carolina Aiken, for contributing this song with the translation. Thanks to Jody Hirsh for the definition of kitl!